How can I transfer my progress to another device? What should I do if I lost my progress?

Tilting Point Support -

You can keep your account even if you've changed your device.

1. Install the latest version of Narcos: Cartel Wars on your new device.

2. Open the game and complete the tutorial.

3. Go to Settings and link your game to the social network account you had your previous device's account linked to (make sure you're logged into the same account in your device's browser! (Please, note that for iOS devices it should be Safari.)

Social network accounts you can link to are:
- Facebook
- Google Play (Android)
- Game Center (iOS)
- Apple ID (iOS)

4. After the game restarts, you will see a window where you can select the progress you had linked to your social network account. Go ahead and select the progress you would like to restore.

If you have already gone through all the steps above and still can't restore your previous progress, we can help you out! Contact our Support Team at and specify the following:

1. Your old User ID if you remember it. If not, please provide the following: your name in the game (Be precise! We need to know the exact spelling, capitalization, and any special characters you used to make it unique and fun), level, rating and cartel you were in before you lost access to your progress.
2. New user ID (to obtain it, go to the game's Options menu -> User Data. Don't forget to link your new account to the social network (Facebook or other) account you would like to use in the future!)
3. Screenshot of a receipt confirming your most recent purchase (if any).

Also, the following information may be needed in order to verify the account is yours:

1. Platform you're using to play (Android/iOS)
2. Approximate date of registration
3. Date you lost access to your account
4. Name of cartel (if any)
5. Number of builder(s) you had



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