Do I have any combat abilities other than troops?

Tilting Point Support -

Yes, besides troops and Sicarios, you can use special combat abilities.

The Helipad allows players to use combat abilities and provides the initial amount of Energy needed to use them. Upgrade your Helipad to get more Energy and access to more combat abilities!

What combat abilities are available for players?

- Missile: This causes targeted damage in the selected area on an enemy Base. Missiles are available even if you've just started your business from scratch.
- Focus: Select a Squad and give it a command by pointing to a location you would like them to move to, or a building you would like them to focus their attack on. You can also select all of your attacking Squads by sliding over their icons. This ability is also available by default.
- Medpack: This first aid kit will restore the health of all your allied troops within its range.
- Flashbang: This will prevent enemies within the selected area from seeing and attacking your troops. Use it during attacks to help your troops advance!
- Paratroopers: These are guerrillas who can parachute to any location within your enemy's Base and sneak to the most protected areas.
- Propaganda: These leaflets will allow you to temporarily increase the damage potential of your troops and their movement speed.
- Fire Bomb: Napalm turns everything into ashes.
- Smokescreen: This will let you troops pass into strategic positions without being detected. However, they cannot attack while they are hidden.

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