My game crashed, how do I send device logs?

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Follow these steps if you are using a Mac laptop or desktop

1. Connect your device to the Mac and confirm you would like to connect to Mac on your device
2. Launch Monitor Android
3. Select your device in the Devices tab
4. Tap the LogCat tab
5. Reproduce the bug/issue/problem
6. Select the log by tapping cmd+A on your keyboard
7. Save (tap the right center icon)

Follow these steps if you are using a Windows laptop or desktop

1. Go to Settings on your device
2. Select "About phone" or "About tablet"
3. Select "Software Information"
4. Tap on "Build number" repeatedly until you receive a notification that Developer options are now available
5. Go back to the Settings menu
6. Select "Developer options"
7. Enable USB debugging

Now you'll need your Windows laptop or computer

1. Install ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
2. Connect your device to the computer
3. Allow computer to access the device (on your device)
4. Open Windows console
5. Type the 'adb devices' command
6. Copy your device's ID
7. Enter the following command: adb -s <device ID> logcat -> log.log
8. Reproduce the problem
9. Stop the logging process (ctrl+c) or just disconnect the device
10. Go to the directory you launched the console from, there you will find a log.log file with the device logs
11. Send this file to the email

iOS (Mac laptops and desktops only)

1. Launch Xcode
2. Connect your device
3. Tap the Window tab - select Devices in the drop-down list
4. Select your device
5. Reproduce the problem
6. Select the log file by tapping cmd+A
7. Save

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