What should I know about Clans?

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To join or create a Clan, you need to be at least level 20 and restore the Clan Center. Rebuilding the building requires 2,000 coins.


There are four types of clan positions for members.

Leader: The player who created the clan and has the authority to edit its settings. The Leader can invite new members, promote or demote their positions in the clan, and disable their participation in events. The Leader can also transfer their authority to another clan member, thereby becoming a Co-leader themselves. If a Leader leaves the clan without transferring their powers, their position will automatically be assumed by a player who meets the following criteria:

Has the highest position within the clan.

Has the highest city level among the players in that position.

Has been a member of the clan for the longest duration.


Co-leader: An assistant to the Leader, appointed by the Leader or another Co-leader. The Co-leader possesses the same set of powers as the Leader but cannot demote or exclude the Leader from the clan, nor can they exclude the Leader from participating in events.

Counselor: A player responsible for sending invitations to the clan and accepting applications from other players. The Counselor, like the Leader and Co-leaders, plays a vital role in managing the clan's composition and maintaining productive communication within the chat.

Participants: Players who are members of the clan. They can send requests and donate items to clan members, as well as participate in chat discussions. Participants can be promoted within the clan by requesting it from the Leader or Co-leaders.

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