How to plant?

Tilting Point Support -

Begin with the plant bed
In order to plant, you will need plant beds, which you can buy in the market for coins. Tap on the plant bed to move it to a free space on the location if it is available in the market. An editing panel will appear on the screen, and you can confirm the purchase or cancel it. Also, you will be able to buy as many plant beds as are available to you in the market on the current level.

Now you can start planting
Tap on the established plant bed and select the crop you want to plant from the list provided. Tap on it and drag it over the plant beds to sow the plants. The time remaining until harvesting can be seen by clicking on the plant bed. If you want to speed up plant growth, use fertilizer.

It's time to harvest
Tap on a plant that is ready to be collected. Then tap on the shovel that appears and drag it over plants to collect them.

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