Why is my VIP subscription not active on my account?

Tilting Point Support -

Please ensure that your purchase has gone through, you should receive a receipt from Google Play or the Apple App Store (Apple receipts do not always send on the day of purchase) to verify. If you have a receipt and still do not have access to VIP, please email it to our support team for their assistance: narcos@ftxgames.com or through the game.

If you actively use more than one Narcos: Cartel Wars account, it’s possible to see VIP available on an account other than the one you intended. It is NOT possible to transfer VIP subscriptions between accounts.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend players using multiple accounts, as problems like this can arise. The only solution is to cancel your subscription through the Google Play or Apple App Store, and repurchase on the intended Narcos account (DO NOT switch between Narcos accounts until VIP becomes active).

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