How Does TWD Heroes Work?

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What is TWD Heroes?

TWD Heroes is a feature within The Walking Dead Slots where you are able to collect and level up iconic characters from within the game, and you’ll be rewarded with large amounts of credits in the process!

Where can I see my Heroes?

You can view your Heroes by tapping on the “TWD Heroes” icon on the top-left of the Lobby. Heroes appear darkened by default, and become colorized once you begin to level them up.

How can I level up my Heroes?

Heroes can be leveled up by collecting Heroes Chests. Heroes Chests can be collected randomly through spinning in machines, through the Daily Bonus or purchased via the Store (along with a Credit pack). Opening Heroes Chests will grant XP to multiple Heroes in your collection, increasing their overall XP. Heroes start at Level 0 and can be improved to a maximum of Level 10.

What kind of prizes do I get from TWD Heroes?

You can earn large amounts of credits by levelling up your Heroes. You can see the value of each Hero by examining it in the TWD Heroes lobby. You can also see the massive credit bonus you can acquire by improving all Heroes to Level 10 by looking at the bottom left of the TWD Heroes lobby.

What are Supply Runs?

Supply Runs are timed challenges, where you can send your Heroes out to collect credits. These challenges cost Fuel, which is randomly awarded when opening Heroes Chests. As you level up your Heroes, the time it takes for them to complete a Supply Run will be reduced. There are three types of Supply Run to choose from, with each varying in Fuel cost, time, and reward. 

What happens once I’ve reached the max level for a Hero but gain XP for them from a Chest?

Gaining XP for a Hero that is at max-level fills a secondary progress bar. Once filled, this progress bar awards a Heroes Chest. This cycle continues indefinitely, giving you the potential to gain huge Heroes Chest rewards!

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