How Do Tournaments Work?

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How do I get into tournaments?

Tournaments are a feature that can be unlocked as you level up. Tournaments can be entered through the Tournament button in the lobby.

How do Tournaments work?

When entering a Tournament machine, wins in that machine also grant Tournament Score, which allows you to rank up on the Tournament Scoreboard. At the end of a tournament, the higher your ranking, the more Credits and Leaderboard Points you are awarded!

Higher bets means bigger wins, and more Tournament Score! 

Tournament Prizes

Tournament prizes increase with the number of players in the Tournament, as well as the length of the Tournament. The current prize information can be seen when in the Tournament lobby menu, as well as through the Tournament information drop-down. To access the drop-down, tap the rank area during a Tournament.

Any prizes won will be awarded upon completion of the Tournament. 

What are Leaderboard Points?

Leaderboard Points are awarded at the end of a Tournament. Leaderboard Points cannot be spent or used, but collecting them increases your ranking on the Global Leaderboard. Win more Tournaments and see yourself on the Leaderboard!

Your current Leaderboard Points and subsequent Leaderboard Rank can be seen in the Tournament lobby menu.

What does connecting to Facebook for Tournaments do?

Connecting to Facebook allows you to play in Tournaments with your own Facebook Name and Profile Picture. This information is also displayed on the global leaderboard.

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