What do all these buttons do?

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The Bridge is your central hub for all things Star Trek: Legends! From within this screen you have a number of options you can choose from:

  • Bridge:
    • Assign crew members for combat bonuses on your away team. These crew members will also now be displayed on the Bridge screen at their stations.
  • Goals:
    • Here you will find your Daily Goals and overall Achievements. New Daily Goals will appear every day.
  • Directives:
    • The Directives menu gives you helpful hints as to how to continue your gameplay as well as gather Achievements. Think of them as your “next steps.”
  • Shop:
    • Within the Shop you can spend your Latinum! Examples of what is available in the shop are: crew Shards, Bio-mimetic Gel, Protomatter, Gear, Daily Tokens, and Nexus Particles. The items available in the Shop refresh every day.
  • PVP:
    • Take advantage of multiplayer action with other Star Trek: Legends players!
  • Events: 
    • This menu includes new and exciting ways to enjoy Star Trek: Legends. We’re constantly considering new events to add, so let us know your thoughts in our forums, or by email at startreklegends@tiltingpoint.com!
  • Summon:
    • Use the Summon section to beam aboard new crew members! Summons are achieved by using Orbs. Who will you find in the Nexus?!
  • Crew:
    • The Crew screen displays your currently rescued crew members, as well as the others that you can find in the Nexus. You can also upgrade your crew members from this screen by tapping their photo!
  • Missions:
    • Choose the Missions icon to play through Story episodes. You’ll have to select your Away Team before heading out!
  • Shuttle:
    • The Shuttle icon will direct you to Shuttlecraft Missions. These are timed missions that have better chances of success with more crew members assigned to them. Those crew members that you assign to Shuttlecraft Missions will be unavailable until the mission is complete or aborted. Keep this in mind if you plan to play through Story episodes!
  • Daily:
    • The Daily icon will direct you to your daily login rewards. Make sure to take advantage of these free gifts! Daily login rewards start over every seven days.
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