How do I restore my purchases if I've reinstalled the game?

Tilting Point Support -

To restore your purchases, tap the "Restore" button in the in-game Settings menu. (

This will not restore your progress, only your purchases.

To verify that your purchases were restored, click the play button and look at the circles at the top of the screen. (
If you don't see a lock on the chapter you have already purchased, your purchases have been restored!

If you still see a lock icon, but you have purchased the chapter, please, contact our Customer Support team and provide screenshots of your purchase confirmations.

Normally, receipts are sent by app stores to your email. Just find this email and send a screenshot of the receipt you received.

Can't find this email? No worries! You can review your order history online as well:
* For iOS devices, please, find instructions here:
* For Android devices, please, find instructions here:

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