How do I make a Bomb or Stream Tile?

Tilting Point Support -

Matching more than three Tiles of the same color grants special bonuses.
  • Stream Tile - Match four Tiles of the same color and they will turn into a Stream Tile. A Stream Tile will clear an entire row of Tiles when it is matched.
  • Crystal - Match five Tiles of the same color in a straight line and they will turn into a Crystal. When a Crystal is matched with any color Tile, all Tiles of that color will be destroyed.
  • Bomb Tile - Matching five Tiles in a T or L shape will create a Bomb Tile. When a Bomb is matched, it will explode and clear all of the surrounding Tiles.
You can even match Bombs with Stream Tiles or two Crystals together. But we won't ruin the surprise - try it out!
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