How do I serve Customers?

Tilting Point Support -

Customers will order a wide range of foods and beverages. They are indicated visually by each customer and differ based on the restaurant. To complete a customer's order, prepare and combine all necessary ingredients.

For example if a customer orders a Krabby Patty with cheese, follow these steps:
  1. First place a bun on a plate by tapping on the stack of buns.
  2. Second, place a Patty on the grill by tapping it (Once on the grill, it will begin cooking ,which is indicated by a green cooking timer)
  3. Once ready, add your Patty to a bun by tapping the Patty, then tapping on the cheese to complete a cooked Krabby Patty with cheese!
  4. Make sure to tap the completed Krabby Patty to serve to the customer!
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