How do I upgrade my restaurant?

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Upgrading Your Restaurants, Appliances and Ingredients:
- SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off becomes more challenging as you progress through the game, in order to keep your customers happy you will need to upgrade your
restaurants and equipment to keep up with demand.
- You can also upgrade your restaurants interior décor to increase the Tips you earn from happy customers.
How to Upgrade Your Kitchen
  1. Access the Barg-N-Mart by clicking the Barg-N-Mart button on the bottom left of your screen while inside a restaurant
  2. After opening the Barg-N-Mart you will see three tabs: Kitchen, Interior and Décor
  3. In the Kitchen Tab you will find all of the Food Ingredients and Appliances that are in your Restaurant’s kitchen area.
    1. Upgrading Appliances increases the speed with which dishes are prepared to help you serve customers quickly.
    2. Upgrading Food Ingredients raises the price of the product you are serving so you can earn more coins!
Upgrading Your Interior
  1. Go to the Interior tab within the Barg-N-Mart
  2. Buy an Interior item! This will increase the tip amount earned from customers.
  3. You can also buy décor items for your restaurant by tapping on the décor tab, which will take you to décor mode.
Once in décor mode, you can customize the restaurant you're currently in with any of the unlocked interior decorations!
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