I'm still receiving Ads after making a purchase labeled "No Ads", what should I do?

Tilting Point Support -

Every purchase you make with the "No Ads" sign in the shop comes with disabling Ads that usually appear at the end of levels.

Sometimes it can take a while until our system recognizes that a purchase was made from an account, even if you've already received the items.

We would like to ask you to wait a couple of hours to give the server the chance to update your account, but if you still see ads appearing at the end of levels after 24 hours, please contact us and send us the receipt you received after the purchase was made from your payment provider (Google/Apple).

Our Customer Support representatives need to be able to see the date, the Order ID, and the product name on the screenshot of the order confirmation, so please make sure that you don't cut off this information.
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