What do each of the Boosters do?

Tilting Point Support -

There are multiple boosters that you can use to complete levels and they can be used before, during, or at the end of any level.

These four boosters can be used at the start of a level
  • Insta-Cook: All food items that have a cooking timer are now cooked instantly.
  • Burn Proofer: Prevents items from being burned! Useful in levels with the "don't burn" objective.
  • Price Doubler: All coins gained in that level are doubled.
  • Jellyfish Waiter: If there are food items that are ready to be served to a customer, a friendly Jellyfish will help you by serving the dishes to the appropriate customer when they are ready.
These two boosters can be used at any time during a level:
  • Grandma's Cookie: Cookies can be given to the customer with the lowest patience in order to refill their Patience bar.
  • Bubble Blower: All customers that are waiting for their orders to be served are entertained and distracted by bubbles, refilling each customer's Patience bar for the duration of the bubble show.
And finally, these two boosters can be used at the end of a level if the corresponding objective is not achieved:
  • +3 Customers: Adds an additional 3 customers to serve if the level objectives aren't met
  • +30 Seconds: Adds an additional 30 second to the timer if the level objectives aren't met
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