What are Road Trips?

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Road Trips are routes the heroes explore to unlock new destinations!
During a road trip, you will:
- Fight enemies, collect loot and upgrade your heroes
- Face off against various zombie waves, including boss and horde waves
- Progress by using gold to upgrade your heroes, equip the best weapons & trinkets and upgrade them.
- Your heroes' levels are reset when the road trip ends. During a new road trip, heroes start anew, but they keep their weapons and trinkets.
Road Trips give mission rewards you can claim during the road trip to make your progression easier: Gold, Scraps to upgrade weapons, Tin Foil to upgrade Trinkets, and more! Don't forget to claim your rewards as soon as they become available and use them ASAP to always have the strongest team possible.
If you're stuck and your heroes can't beat a wave even if fully upgraded and equipped, don't despair! Tap the Coffer icon in the upper left corner of the screen to open the Mission Rewards screen, then Cash In. Once back to the World Map, go to the Rules screen to find new rules or upgrade existing ones. Rules make all your heroes stronger!
If you still can't beat a wave even with upgraded Rules, explore the secondary road trips, play Daily Missions to get more resources, and (really important!) summon new heroes and equipment to evolve your heroes and upgrade your weapons and trinkets!
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