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To get new trinkets, open equipment crates using keys.
- Each key awards a single item - either trinket or weapon. You get a free key every day!
All trinkets, even common ones, increase their owner's health. Each hero can equip three trinkets, one of each type:
  • PROTECTION trinkets help users survive longer during missions with effects like shield, dodge, heal, regen and others.
  • COMBAT trinkets dish more damage onto unsuspecting zombies, with effects like damage increase, critical chance and critical damage increase, etc.
  • SPECIAL trinkets speed up progression during missions, with effects like upgrade costs reduction, gold increase, skip wave chance, and more.
To upgrade your trinkets, collect tin foil. You can get tin foils by completing missions during Road Trips.
Once fully upgraded, you can evolve your trinkets using blueprints, from 1 star to 5 stars. Each Evolve greatly increases your trinkets' bonuses, and also makes your trinkets' effects more potent. Tap on the effect icons in the Trinket description popup to read about each available effect. Only rare and epic trinkets have effects.
Unwanted trinkets can be scrapped to get your tin foils back.
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