What are Heroes?

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Heroes are Zombieland survivors! You can team them up and send them on road trips to fight zombies and get loot.
To get new heroes, summon them using sim cards. You get a free sim card every day!
- Each sim card can award 10 common shards, 20 rare shards or 40 epic shards.
- To improve your heroes, collect shards. When you have enough shards and tokens, you can evolve them from 1 star all the way to 7 stars. Each Evolve greatly increases your hero's health and damage.
- Heroes have three weapon slots - melee weapons (for close combat), primary weapons (normal ranged weapons) and power weapons (much stronger weapons that trigger automatically). Weapons increase damage; rare and epic weapons also have effects like slow, stun, critical hit etc.
- Heroes also have three trinkets slots - protection, damage and special. Equip trinkets to increase your hero's health; rare and epic trinkets also have various effects like increasing hero stats, accelerating game progression, etc.
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