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To get new weapons, open equipment crates using keys:
- Each key awards a single item - either weapon or trinket. You get a free key every day!
There are three main types of weapons, and each one fits in a specific slot in heroes' inventory:
1) Melee weapons (clubs, axes, swords, other heavy melee weapons) are used when zombies get close enough to the heroes.
2) Primary weapons (handguns, dual handguns, rifles) are used to kill zombies from a distance.
3) Power weapons (shotguns, SMGs, assault weapons) are a lot stronger than normal weapons, but have longer cooldowns. They trigger automatically when they're ready to be used.
To upgrade your weapons, collect scraps. You can get scraps by completing missions during Road Trips.
Once fully upgraded, you can evolve your weapons using blueprints, from 1 star to 5 stars. Each Evolve greatly increases your weapons' damage, and also makes your weapons' effects more potent. Tap on the effect icons in the Weapon description popup to read about each available effect. Only rare and epic weapons have effects.
Unwanted weapons can be scrapped to get your scraps back.
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