What are Seasonal events and how can I participate in them?

Tilting Point Support -

Seasonal Events are monthly events based on different themes, such as the Easter Seasonal Event for the month of April!

To participate, you must reach at least level 30 in the main adventure and access the seasonal levels by tapping on the "Events" button on the main menu.

Seasonal Events last for the entire month and are split into 4 weeks, with each week having a unique character that can be won by collecting the required amount of event tokens. As you progress, you'll also be able to claim other amazing rewards!

If a unique weekly character is not unlocked during its corresponding week, it will no longer be available.

Each seasonal event also has a weekly leaderboard section! This leaderboard will appear only after you've completed the seasonal levels for the corresponding week. From there, you'll be able to replay all the seasonal levels from the 1st week to the current one at random as many times as you'd like, while seeing your rank with other players! This leaderboard will then reset after each week.

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