What is Slay the Spice?

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Slay the Spice takes you on a culinary cruise with SpongeBob to delicious destinations across Bikini Bottom! Plan your route and travel through the event map, complete challenges along the way and earn Spice Bucks to exchange for awesome prizes!

Each stop along the way offers unique challenges and rewards indicated by the variety of icons on the map, make it across the entire map and you'll earn a huge reward! Some of the icons you'll encounter include:

  • Cooking Locations - Customers await! Serve them to earn Spice Bucks!
  • Treasure Locations - Chests with various items to choose from will appear here.
  • Energy Locations - Get an Energy refill to keep your journey going.
  • Mysterious Locations - Cooking, Treasure or Energy, what will it be?
  • Milestones - A spicy cooking challenge with a great reward!

Some things to remember on your journey:

  • Energy Points, which recharge automatically over time, are needed to move from location to location.
  • The larger the crowd, the greater the challenge, which means the bigger the reward!


You'll also have access to the Spice Shop! Here you can spend your Spice Bucks on exclusive items for your characters (getting 4 items of the same set will grant Gems!) and on various Boosters, Coins and more Gems in The Workshop section!

Beware, any Spice Bucks not used before the end of the event will be lost! The current end date is May 14th, 2022

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