How do Seasons work?

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What is a Season?

A Season usually lasts a month. It comes with an overall theme, dedicated rewards, and there is always an active season in the game. Your season level is reset whenever a season ends. The new Season replaces the old one and brings with it its own load of rewards!

How to get the Season Rewards?

Nothing simpler! You just need to play the game. Every-time you submit a design to a challenge, you receive experience points based on the items you used, no matter the permanence of the design in the rankings. Accumulating these experience points makes you level up, and your Season Level unlocks new rewards.

How do the Special Rewards work?

Special Rewards can only be received when you activate the Season Pass. Apart from this, they are unlocked the same way the regular rewards are, by submitting designs to get Experience Points and leveling up. When you activate the Season Pass you immediately unlock the Special Rewards up to your level. As you progress through the Season Level you'll unlock more Special Rewards.

What happens when a Season ends?

A few things happen:

  • It is immediatelly replaced by the new Season with a new theme and rewards.
  • Your Season Level is reset to 0 and all the rewards are refreshed and updated.
  • Do not worry! Everything you have unlocked from the previous Seasons remain yours.
  • The Season Pass expires, as it is only valid for the ongoing Season.
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