What are Challenges?

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FashionVerse has a number of available challenges accessible through the "Challenge" tab in your main menu. A challenge is always time limited: you can only play while it's active. At the end of its timed period, a challenge ends and you will receive the results.

There are two types of challenges:

Stylist Challenges

In the Stylist challenge, you are given a scene with multiple hotspots. Each hotspot has a list of compatible items or props you can select from to change the final look of the scene. Select the items that best match the theme of the challenge!

Trendsetter Challenges

In the Trendsetter challenges you can use the items from your collections to make the board into a collage-style moodboard. You can move, rotate, and scale the items you pick, as well as add extra Trendsetter effects to complete the look. You need at least 4items on the board to submit it and can add up to 15 items.

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