How can I improve my Sicarios?

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A Sicario’s Experience influences the growth of his level. The higher the Sicario’s level is, the higher his statistics are. Use Plata and other Sicarios to level up your most valuable warriors. If you fuse sicarios to get experience for other ones, THE FIRST WILL BE LOST!

Lock your valuable Sicarios in order to save them! Go to a Sicario's information window and tap on a lock you see in the top left corner of the Sicario's image.



The higher your Sicario's Rank (marked with stars), the better its abilities, damage, and health. Use Gear to increase a Sicario’s Rank. Spend your Power and Loyalty points in the Black Market to buy Gear or produce Gear in the Workshop.



When upgrading your Sicarios, you receive Expertise Cards. Use Expertise Cards to upgrade the expertise level of your most powerful Sicarios. This will open more skill slots and make them even better!



Each Skill will belong to one of three groups and give your Sicarios a corresponding ability:

  1. Attack (increases damage dealt by a sicario)
  2. Defense (increases survivability of a sicario)
  3. Disarmament (prevents other units from attacking a sicario)

You can also add universal skills to any type of slot that grant basic bonuses to a Sicario.


When adding a Skill, the strength of the ability your Sicario receives depends on this Skill's level. You can view the Skill's level at the bottom of the Skill icon.


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