I can't make a purchase

Tilting Point Support -

If you can't make purchases in the game, first of all, make sure you have enough funds. Also, this problem may be caused by one of the following reasons:

1. Incorrect payment information - If you made a mistake while entering your payment information, cancel the payment and start over.

2. Unsupported payment method - It may be that the payment method you want to use is not supported by the App Store/Google Play. The list of available payment methods can be found in the respective sections of the Apple and Google Customer Support websites.

3. Your internet connection - You must have a stable internet connection in order to make purchases. Therefore, we recommend using Wi-Fi or at least a 3G/4G connection while making purchases.

4. Temporary problems with the App Store/Google Play - All in-game purchases are processed by the store the game was downloaded from. There is a chance that the store is overloaded and unable to process your request. In this case, just wait several minutes and try again.

5. Problems with the App Store/Google Play - These problems are usually resolved by restarting your device.

If you're still having problems making purchases, please contact the App Store/Google Play customer support team.

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