The Basics

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Thanks for playing Languinis!
The basic gameplay of Languinis is made of up two layers: matching and spelling. Each level will begin with a grid of colored tiles. These will need to be swiped and matched in sets of three or more. When a match is made, these colored tiles turn into letters.
Letter tiles do not need to be swiped and matched like colors. Each letter can be selected to spell out words of three letters or more, regardless of where the tiles are on the board. 
When words are spelled, the letters will disappear from the board, making room for new colored tiles to appear.
Each level will have various objectives to complete, such as:

  • Spell 5 words of 5 letters or more
  • Score 30,000 points
  • Match 60 green tiles
Some levels may only have one objective, others may have three! Play on and find out.
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